About us

A local specialized vacation home real estate company.

Balkan Vacation Homes is located in Varna in Bulgaria, which is a central location for serving property owners in and buyers. Balkan Vacation Homes has a solid experience with the vacation homes marked at the Black Sea coast.

For the past 4 years, we have been renting out and selling vacation homes. We started by renting out vacation homes, and doing property management but since many of our clients expressed the wish to sell their properties and there is a synergy between the two markets we have moved in to the real estate business.

Balkan Vacation Homes is a Bulgarian registered company but we have representatives in Czech Republic who are responsible for marketing and sales in Germany and Central Europe

We are different from most brokerages as is that we have our focus on a local market and specifically on selling vacation homes. This focus enables us to focus on building specified competences and the marked in which we operate

Our business philosophy builds on satisfied clients, as we believe that client satisfaction is a key factor in order to obtain sustaining growth in the competitive real estate business.  This is reflected in our everyday work where our goal is to offer a personalized and professional approach with a commitment to our core values of exceptional service, unparalleled work ethic, reliability and integrity.

It is our hope that our website will give you a good insight in Balkan Vacation Homes business, and in case you have questions or comments you are always welcome to contact us.Our partners: Crossroads Pharmacy


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