Serbia South

Serbia South

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Southern Serbia

Most tourists visit Serbia to explore Belgrade and is nightlife, while the rest of the country is less visited by tourists, Waiting to be explores and to fascinate tourists from both the country and abroad and Serbia has much to offer.

It is a country with unspoiled plain of the Pannonian Plains, forests and in the southern part of the country high mountains, wild forests, beautiful lakes, caves in in almost uninhabited areas hidden from the eyes of the world, ,

Another hidden treasure of Serbia is its thermomineral springs. Serbia has more than 1000 thermomineral springs which makes Serbia the perfect destination for Spa vacation.

From Belgrade, further south, there are a huge amount of tall mountains with dense forests.

It is possible to enjoy both the winter with snow and winter sport, or the summer it is the ideal place for Walking and hiking trails, biking tours, river regattas, rafting, kayaking, fishing, hunting or just a place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty with forest, amazing panorama views and crystal clear rivers and  lakes. The most popular ones are Zlatibor, Tara and Kopaonik, where tourism is the most developed. All in all, Serbia is a mountain country that is waiting to be explored

For those who are looking for authentic experiences with an atmosphere of rural living of the past, Serbia has a lot to offer. In the mountains you find a large number of cozy villages where you can experience a laid back calm lifestyle and enjoy living homemade food. When visiting such places you will also experience the hospitality of Serbian people and often you will be offered homemade specialties such as dry meat, chamois, kajmak, , cheeses, bacon, slivova, biscuits, honey and many other Serbian specialties.

Country Serbia
Visa requirementsVisa in not needed for EU citizens.
Currency usedSerbian Dinar (1 EUR is approximately 120 Serbian Dinar)

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