West Macedonia

West Macedonia

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Macedonia is located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula between Serbia in the north, Bulgaria in the east, Greece in the south and Albania in the west. Macedonia has a mild climate and is characterized by its astonishing unspoiled nature with mountainous more than 50 lakes. Thanks to this, Macedonia is an attractive tourist destination. Thus If you want to spend your vacation by the lake or enjoy unspoiled nature, exploring the rich history, enjoying the wonderful traditional dishes, then Macedonia is an ideal choice for your vacation

Western Macedonia covers the western part of Macedonia and is most well-known for the lake Ohrid area on the border to Albania. Lake Ohrid is a 358 km² large lake known for its natural beauty with pebble beaches, and fresh air from the surrounding mountains. There is a rich travel infrastructure, as well as numerous tourist facilities,

Country Macedonia
Visa requirementsVisa in not needed for EU citizens.
Currency usedMacedonian Denar (1 Eur is approximately 61.48 MKD)

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