Търсим къщи и апартаменти за почивка в България

Balkan Vacation Homes is a company specialized in renting out and selling vacation properties in the Balkan countries, Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Balkan Vacation Homes focus on holiday homes in Serbia, Macedonia and inland Bulgaria. With Balkan Vacation Homes we use our insight in the market and dedicate our resources to set focus on those destinations.

Balkan Vacation Homes is located in Plovdiv Bulgaria which is a central location for serving house owners in Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Moreover we have local representative in many of our destinations

Our guests comes from all over Europe where the most important markets are Scandinavia, the Nederland, Poland the Czech Republic and Germany.

We present the apartments/houses on our web portal, through travel agencies, and partner web portals across Europe.

In contrast to many other companies offering vacation rentals we have a limited local focus and we do not take commission for advertising vacation homes. We take responsibility and tent the vacation home out for you and we do an active effort to rent out your vacation home.

  • It is absolutely free for you to work with us.

  • Our business model is that we agree on a net price for the apartments / house where after we rent them out to our customers adding a margin.

  • We offer to assist you or the guests in case there are questions or issues.

You can find more about renting out in our Frequent Asked Question section