About us

 A local specialized vacation rental company.

Balkan Vacation Homes is located in Plovdiv Bulgaria which is a central location for serving house owners in Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Moreover we have local representative in many of our destinations.
For the past 4 years we have worked with renting out vacation homes on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria in cooperation with partners. Since 2018 we have expanded our focus to include Serbia, Macedonia and inland Bulgaria. Since many of our clients have expressed the wish to sell their properties we have moved in to the real estate business.

Balkans specialized company for holiday rentals. We are a Bulgarian registered company but our management team is mixed Bulgarian and Scandinavian.

Today, the company has developed into one of Balkan‘s largest specialized companies for holiday rentals. In contrast to many other companies offering vacation rentals we have a limited local focus and we do not take commission for advertising vacation homes. We take responsibility and tent the vacation home out for you and we do an active effort to rent out your vacation home.

Our business philosophy.

Our business philosophy build on happy customers and house owners build on being local, quality, service and reliability. In order to achieve that philosophy we are focusing on vacation homes in three countries only and our Vacation homes are handpicked and quality inspected by local employees. We do our best to offer a state of the art customer service for the guests and house owners. We always tend to be reliable which means that you can rely on promises and deals. Finally, our ambition is to build relationship with as well guests as house owners, this is done by we sincerely care about as well individual house owners, partners as individual customers.

It is our hope that our website will give you a good insight in Balkan Vacation Homes business, and in case you have questions or comments you are always welcome to contact us.